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My favourites movies about animals

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  • Published: Thursday, 27 June 2019 15:35
  • Written by Super User
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Home on the RangeI love movies and cinematography but I also love animals. I live with two cats (Coco and Morris), one dog (Max), four fishes (Little, Shiny, Taily and Smally) and one parrot (Toshie). I love them very much and try to give them the best.

For that reason I like to watch films about animals. And today is Coco’s fourth birthday, so I decided to write about my favourites movies with animal’s hero.
1. Home on the Range – Walt Disney Pictures’ film about cows. I always cry during that movie, especially when I listened to the song Will the Sun Ever Shine Again.
2. The Aristocats – the last film approved by Walt Disney. It’s about cats and one evil man, who loves money more than living beings.
3. Babe – this one is about you are be who you are. You have to only try and do your best.
4. One Hundred and One Dalmatians – Ha! This movie I can dedicate every man who decided gave home to any animal. “One more is not problem”, say people of that kind, until they realized they have a hundred and one Dalmatians.
5. Eight Below – it is about dogs left on the Antarctic and his friend who try to do everything to came back for them. I cry so much. But it is beautiful.