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10 interesting facts about Leonardo da Vinci

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  • Published: Wednesday, 03 July 2019 15:38
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da vinciGenerally Leonardo da Vinci is very famous person. We all know from school he lived and worked in 16. century, he painted, sculpted and also projected a prototype of today’s helicopter.

He was really “man of Renaissance”! Yesterday I watched “The Da Vinci Code” movie and decided to prepare a few facts about him which can be for you something new.
1. Leonardo da Vinci was a self-taught person. He never went to any school, as a child apprenticed to a goldsmith and later teach everything by yourself.
2. He was left-handed.
3. And that’s why he wrote from right to left, not because making his notes a secret. In that way he didn’t smear the ink.
The Last Supper4. Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian. He didn’t eat meat, in his opinion it was disgusting.
5. He really cared about animals. He never hunted but was wont to buy birds in cage only for set them free.
6. He had a plan to make a great encyclopedia. He made a lot of notes.
7. Leonardo da Vinci believed the Earth is older than we can read in Bible.
8. He liked to defer and often didn’t finish his work. Sometimes he just made notes or sketches but not a main work. For example: he painted “The Last Supper” three years and the other painters in the same place finished his works in a few months.
9. He was a very handsome man (probably – we knew it from contemporaneous people) and liked pink clothes.
10. He died unsatisfied. He believed in his talented but also thought he could perform more.